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UKast FM Internet Radio Station Streaming Rave and Hardcore 24/7Welcome to UKast-FM. We're an online station playing UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, J-Core, Freeform, Gabber, and anything else Hardcore 24 hours a day featuring DJ's from North America, Central America, and Europe. We are always looking for new and upcoming DJ's to spin for us. If you are interested please refer to the contact us link.

UKast is a privately funded and privately run online station. The stream you listen to is 100% free and is made possible by DJs and listeners from all over the world. Together they have have contributed through donations, by being part of the team, and just by listening. We never plan to charge to listen nor do we plan to stop playing Hardcore.

This station started as a hobby for one of our DJs (DJ Atomic) as place for him to practice his sets and for his friends to listen. As time passed, Atomic met other DJs who were also interested in sharing their own style and their own skills.

UKast does cost us money to to keep up and running so donations are always welcome or you can contribute to UKast by joining our team and spinning with us. We're always looking for new talent, new DJs, and people who love Hardcore.

Feedback is always welcomed and we hope you enjoy listening to UKast. What are you wating for... LISTEN NOW!


Our sincerest apologies to those who have attempted to contact us using the contact form. You can reach us using the Facebook group instead we will get back to you asap. The form is no more.

30th January 2015 - Stream UKast-FM on TuneIn Once Again
We contacted TuneIn, updated our stream URL, and you can now stream UKast-FM on TuneIn once more.

29th January 2015 - Fixed Stream URLs / DJ ChexMixer Update
We've updated the stream URLs for the icons you see under "SPINNING NOW". All are working and playable on your favourite programs.

DJ ChexMixer will be starting his monthly sets February, spinning the second Sunday of each month.

28th January 2015 - New Mixes / Happy New Year
A Happy New Year to you all! Let's start this new year right and hardcore.

We updated the AutoDJ play list with:
    - Mixes from 2b Happy
    - Latest promos from DJ DaMexican
    - Latest set from Swish Pig
    - Mixes from Danny Eclipse
    - DJ ChexMixer 2014 Live Sets

4th October 2014 - Chat Back Up / New Android App
A temporary chat room is back up under the Community page. Not as fun as the one we had before, we are working to get the previous chat system back up.

There seems to be trouble streaming UKast on TuneIn Radio, fortunately there is an app on the Android market called Best HARDCORE Radios App dedicated to streaming online Hardcore stations and we are on the list. More info

19th February 2014 - Hardcore Artillery Show
Starting tomorrow at 12am GMT [4pm PST] [7pm EST] is DJs Kid Nickles and Potpocket weekly show here on UKast-FM.
Be sure to join us all in the chat and check out the event page.

16th February 2014 - Scheduled Shows and Website Fixes
Schedule updated to reflect weekly and biweekly regualar shows.
Be sure to join our Facebook group to get the latest updates on who is going live! Some changes here and there were done to the site as well, gotta keep it up-to-date and tidy.

14th February 2014 - Sweet Day and Welcome
A Happy V-Day to everyone! An extra special V-Day this year as we give a big shout out and welcome to two new DJs to our family! DJs Kid Nickles and Potpocket!

23rd October 2013 - Really Fresh
A big shout out to Samination! Welcome to UKast! We've uploaded several of his mixes to AutoDJ. Be on the look out!
More info / sounds from Samination:

22nd October 2013 - Fresh
Several new mixes from 2013 and 2012 have been added to AutoDJ, that should freshen up your listening!

10th October 2013
Our server has been updated and changed. The "Now Playing" is fixed.
Check out Facebook group for updates of who is going live!

31st Match 2013
A happy birthday to DJ Pleiades and DJ Gonzo and all you other March birthdays!

16th January 2013
A happy near year to everyone! We've started this year off right with live sets from Pleiades, DJ Ricky, RyanKore, and ChexMixer.
This Friday we'll also be hearing Albert spin live on UKast-FM for the first time at around 9:30!

Click here to visit our news page and keep up with the latest happenings at UKast HQ and with UKast fans the world over!

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