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If you are away from your computer, but you still want to tune in you just may be able to! You are able to stream UKast-FM using a mobile device or tablet. If you have trouble with the methods shown below or if you know of a better way let us know at our Facebook Group

Listening to UKast-FM on your Android device:

Best HARDCORE Radios App

Cut through all the bull and get straight to the Hardcore. A free, simple, and easy to use Android app dedicated to bringing you Hardcore online radio streams to your phone.

Install the app, open, go to "SELECT STREAM" and find "UKast-FM 24/7 UK Hardcore", and enjoy!

Listening to UKast-FM using TuneIn (iOS, Android, Windows):

TuneIn - UKast-FM

Search for and download TuneIn from your app store (iOS, Android, Windows)

Open TuneIn and search for
"UKast-FM" or "UKast"

Find UKast, select it, listen, and enjoy!

Be sure to follow!

Listening to UKast-FM on your Apple device:

Open the Safari browser

Type in the following URL: www.ukast-fm.com

Locate the "Now Playing" link, circled in red in the pictures

Click that link and your device will begin to stream UKast-FM

Listen and enjoy!

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