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Our sincerest apologies to those who have attempted to contact us using the contact form. You can reach us using the Facebook group instead we will get back to you asap. The form is no more.

30th January 2015 - Stream UKast-FM on TuneIn Once Again
We contacted TuneIn, updated our stream URL, and you can now stream UKast-FM on TuneIn once more.

29th January 2015 - Fixed Stream URLs / DJ ChexMixer Update
We've updated the stream URLs for the icons you see under "SPINNING NOW". All are working and playable on your favourite programs.

DJ ChexMixer will be starting his monthly sets February, spinning the second Sunday of each month.

29th January 2015 - Fixed Stream URLs / DJ ChexMixer Update
We've updated the stream URLs for the icons you see under "SPINNING NOW". All are working and playable on your favourite programs.

DJ ChexMixer will be starting his monthly sets February, spinning the first Sunday of each month.

28th January 2015 - New Mixes / Happy New Year
A Happy New Year to you all! Let's start this new year right and hardcore.

We updated the AutoDJ play list with:
    - Mixes from 2b Happy
    - Latest promos from DJ DaMexican
    - Latest set from Swish Pig
    - Mixes from Danny Eclipse
    - DJ ChexMixer 2014 Live Sets

4th October 2014 - Chat Back Up / New Android App
A temporary chat room is back up under the Community page. Not as fun as the one we had before, we are working to get the previous chat system back up.

There seems to be trouble streaming UKast on TuneIn Radio, fortunately there is an app on the Android market called Best HARDCORE Radios App dedicated to streaming online Hardcore stations and we are on the list. More info

19th February 2014 - Hardcore Artillery Show
Starting tomorrow at 12am GMT [4pm PST] [7pm EST] is DJs Kid Nickles and Potpocket weekly show here on UKast-FM.
Be sure to join us all in the chat and check out the event page.

16th February 2014 - Scheduled Shows and Website Fixes
Schedule updated to reflect weekly and biweekly regualar shows.
Be sure to join our Facebook group to get the latest updates on who is going live! Some changes here and there were done to the site as well, gotta keep it up-to-date and tidy.

14th February 2014 - Sweet Day and Welcome
A Happy V-Day to everyone! An extra special V-Day this year as we give a big shout out and welcome to two new DJs to our family! DJs Kid Nickles and Potpocket!

23rd October 2013 - Really Fresh
A big shout out to Samination! Welcome to UKast! We've uploaded several of his mixes to AutoDJ. Be on the look out!
More info / sounds from Samination:

22nd October 2013 - Fresh
Several new mixes from 2013 and 2012 have been added to AutoDJ, that should freshen up your listening!

10th October 2013
Our server has been updated and changed. The "Now Playing" is fixed.
Check out Facebook group for updates of who is going live!

31st Match 2013
A happy birthday to DJ Pleiades and DJ Gonzo and all you other March birthdays!

16th January 2013
A happy near year to everyone! We've started this year off right with live sets from Pleiades, DJ Ricky, RyanKore, and ChexMixer.
This Friday we'll also be hearing Albert spin live on UKast-FM for the first time at around 9:30!

31st August 2012
All of us here at UKast-FM wish Atomic a happy "hardcore" birthday!
Atomic, he started UKast-FM, helped it grow, and continues to do his best to keep UKast-FM going strong.
Thank you for all your hard work, Atomic!

19th August 2012
Pictures from Adventure have been uploaded.

23rd July 2012
Our thoughts go out to the victims, families, and everyone affected by the tragedy in Colorado this past Friday.

Update - 21st June 2012
We're still alive and kicking broadcasting live shows, make sure to check the schedule or the Facebook Group for times.
June 30th some of our DJs will be spinning at Adventure in Los Angeles, CA. If you're in the area go check it out and have fun!
We will do our best to broadcast the Hardcore room at Adventure.

New DJs and More Updates - 11th April 2012
We would like to welcome DJ Pleiades and DJ Colvin to UKast-fm. You may have already heard some mixes of Pleiades if not be sure to catch these two bad boys of hardcore! Also you may have noticed that the site has not changed alot recently. We plan to change that! Be on the look out for our upcoming mobile site and Facebook integration!

UKast-FM Christmas - 21st December 2011
A handful of our DJs will be spinning live on Christmas day! Check out the Facebook event page for more information.

UKast-FM New Year - 16th February 2012
A late happy new year to you all and welcome to 2012. We're updating the website daily so keep on checking. New mixes from 2012 will be up soon!

UKast-FM Christmas - 21st December 2011
A handful of our DJs will be spinning live on Christmas day! Check out the Facebook event page for more information.

New DJs and Returning - 20th December 2011
We'd like to welcome DJ Ricky to UKast-FM! He's spun a few times already!
Also, we'd like to welcome back DJ Pleiades who will be spinning on UKast-FM soon!

Still Alive and Kickin' - 05th September 2011
We're still DJing, we're still broadcasting, and we're still here!
Make sure to join our Facebook Group for the latest news and broadcasting updates.

Another Welcome - 28th June 2011
Today was DJ Flea's first official UKast-FM mix! We would like to welcome DJ Flea to UKast-FM! We had been trying to get him to spin on UKast for a while now and it finally happened. :D

Welcome - 23rd June 2011
Yesterday we were happy to broadcast DJ Baker live here on UKast-FM! If you missed his set you can download it over at the downloads section!
We were very happy with his set and glad he spun here with us! DJ Baker welcome!
And we are always looking for new DJs! Just head on over to the Contact section and hit us up.

Events Section - 13th June 2011
We just keep on working and working and WORKING on improving this site! We've added an Events section!
It'll contain information on upcomming events that will be streaming live on UKast-FM and pictures from past events we were a part of!
Check out the pictures from Picnicore!

A Bunch of Mixes and Videos - 06th May 2011
More DJs on playing on UKast-FM means more live sets for you to listen to :D
We've uploaded a lot of new mixes and videos to the downloads section! Go check it!

Streaming on Your Mobile Device - 17th April 2011
We've discovered you can stream UKast-FM on your mobile device. Visit the listen page for more info.

UStream - 17th April 2011
You may have noticed DJ Descent's UStream mix on our Facebook group, well... we're adding video stream!
Check out the link to the right or click this one to go to our UStream page.
Make sure to check it out when a DJ goes live! Check Facebook and Twitter updates! ;D

Happy Birthday to Da Mexican! - 31th March 2011
Wishing Gonzo (aka Da Mexican) a happy birthday!
Join us as we celebrate his birthday with live sets from several of our DJs including Gonzo himself! Music starts at around 8pm GMT (12pm PST)!

New Facebook Group & iPhone Streaming - 30th March 2011
Check out our new facebook group!
Also, we've had some technical difficulties but we have it all sorted now :D

By the way.... you can stream UKast-FM using your iPhone (3 or 4) and probably the iPad and probably the iTouch. All you need to do is open Safari and go to our page:
Click on the now playing link and your device should start streaming!

A Working DJ Schedule - 31st January 2011
We know... we know.... when it comes to the schedule.... we have not kept it up to date. Well, all that has changed!
The UKast Team (mostly Atomic) has implemented a new scheduling system that will help us keep the schedule acurate with the most up-to-date information.
So go ahead and check the schedule! Click on any day and you'll see what time a DJ will be playing.
If you're a DJ contact Atomic via the Facebook group or email to get your login information and to learn more about the new scheduling system.

Welcome to Our New Website - 28th January 2011
We are proud to present our new website! Welcome to the new and improved!
We've spent countless hours preparing for the new website launch. We've given UKast a new look, a new life, and more Hardcore. Show yourself around! Click the links to the right to find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.
Stay tuned today for Cosmo's and ChexMixer's newest promo mixes along with live sets from DJ Atomic, DJ Aura, and more!

Website Changes and Fixes - 10th January 2011
Hey hey heeeeeeey! We noticed there were a few non-working links on the site here and there... sorry about that!We cleaned up all dead links, updated pages, added some videos, and look! We moved the shout box to the main page so go ahead and give us a shout!

Happy New Year - 09th January 2011
Happy new year from everyone at UKast-FM to you! Thank you for tuning in all of 2010 and now 2011! We started the year right with a b2b2b mix with DJ MegaMan, DJ Cosmo, and then DJ ChexMixer.
We're working hard on a site re-launch so be on the look out!

Thank You DJ Stretch - 01st August 2010
UKast would like to give a special thanks to DJ Stretch for his donation. Everyone at UKast greatly appreciates your generosity.!!

Welcome DJ Ricochet - 22nd April 2010
UKast is proud to introduce DJ Ricochet to the station. He has already done some sets for us which you can check out on ADJ. Be sure to stay listening for more mixes from a true scratch master!!!!!

Another Year - 30th January 2010
UKast is going on strong for another year! We're happy to share with you DJ Cosmo's latest promo!!

Happy Holidays! - 25th December 2009
We wish a happy holidays! Wait, that doesn't sound right... anyway! Happy holidays! As a special gift from us to YOU!!!!!!! We are going on live today (or tomorrow for some of you). DJ's Atomic, Pleiades, and ChexMixer will all be spinning live. The fun starts at 11pm GMT. Who knows... maybe the DJing spirit will reach other UKast DJs and more of us will spin live too ;D

New Recruit - 10th September 2009
Everyone here at UKast-FM would like to welcome (and introduce you to) our newest DJ! Ryan Kore. He's already graced us with two live sets and will be dropping down more sets! Straight out LA! W00! Welcome Ryan Kore... to UKast-FM :D

Theme - 4th July 2009
The UKast team would like to wish all our American listeners/DJ's a happy 4th of July. Although we dont condone treachery just for today we will be eating a cheese burger and sporting a themed banner in recognition ><. Be sure to tune in for 4th july themed mixes.

New Chat - 22nd May 2009
The UKast team is pleased to announce that our new chat room is now online. Visit the Community page to start chatting

Video Stream - 18th May 2009
The UKast team is pleased to announce that our video stream service is now online. Visit the Community page when a DJ is on to see them spin live.

Mark Your Calendar! - 23rd March 2009
The UKast team is pleased to announce an upcoming set from one of Seattle's top hardcore DJs, DJ JimniCricket! Be sure to listen in May 3rd at 4PM Pacific / 7PM Eastern!

Even Bigger ;D - 08th March 2009
UKast is getting bigger! What were you thinking? :X UKast-FM would like to welcome DJ Skeltaboy to the team! Straight out of Arizona! Skelta's upfront style will be sure to please ;D

Set Schedule - 14th February 2009
DJ ChexMixer now has a set time for his show. Every Friday at 9PM GMT, but always make sure to consult the schedule!

b2b2b2b2b - 29th January 2009
This Saturday (Jan 31st), join Atomic, ChexMixer, Cosmo, Da Mexican, and Pleiades for a back-to-back live sets. The fun starts at 10pm GMT.

Our Family Keeps On Growing! - 11th January 2009
UKast-FM welcomes DJ Cosmo. His debut was on Saturday and his style and mixing blew us all away here at UKast-FM. We'll update the schedule once he has a set time for a weekly show. And of course, ADJ will be playing his set ;D

Photos/Video Added! - 8th January 2009
Photos and a video have been added to our downloads section. More coming soon!!

Moar!!! - 6th January 2009
More mixes have been uploaded to our downloads section.

Now Playing - 5th January 2009
What's playing? Oh... I wish we knew... oh wait... now we do! That is right. Look to the top right under "now playing" and you can clearly see what is currently on UKast-FM. Pretty cool, right? =D
The schedule has also been changed a bit so it should be easier to read.

Schedule Updated - 4th January 2009
The schedule has been updated. So far... we have set times for Chex and Pleiades, but don't think they are the only DJs spinning live. Arsenic, Da Meixcan, Drop, and Atomic will continue spinning live... just not at any set time :P As soon as they figure out their schedule, we'll update ours.
If you're interested in spinning live for UKast, contact us and let us know. We're always looking for DJs.

Frequent Updates - 4th January 2009
You may have noticed the frequent updates to UKast-FM. We're trying harder this year to keep the website up-to-date with the latest information/schedule/downloaded streams/and everything else.
Keep on checking back! :D

Downloads Are Finally Here! - 3rd January 2009
You read right. Several live streams are now available for download. Arsenic, ChexMixer, Da Meixcan, and Drop sets have been uploaded.

Happy New Year - 1st January 2009
Happy New Year from UKast-FM! Thank you for your continuing support and thank you for listening.
If you have any comments or suggestions for the new year, just send us an email. We always appreciate the feedback.

New Website Design - 30th October 2008
As you can see we have a new site. Keep watching this space as we will be updating often. Why not goto community and leave a shout telling us what you think!

Da Mexican : Welcome to the Team - 27th October 2008
UKast would like to welcome (DJ) Da Mexican. If you have missed his sets so far they will be repeated on ADJ.

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